• (2) Professionally Knurled Arm Handles for Different Hand Exercises.
  • The front load beam is movable to (3) positions Horizontally and  (2) Position vertically.
  • Designed for all size arms
  • Arm Exercises can be performed by sitting on a stool.
  • Leverage design provides 1 to 2 ratio 
  • 2" x 2" Steel  Tube construction
  • Size: 25" W X 24"D X 32" H - 40lb.
  • Length of weight peg 9"

  • (Stool and Weights shown are for information only)

    TDS-96250 SEATED HAND GRIP MACHINE  OLY- $199.99 + Freight

    Great for: Strengthening fingers,  Strengthening wrists (palms up or down),  Lower Trap Shrugs,  Rhomboid Major and Minor muscles.

    The Seated Hand Grip Machine is for any type of athlete, from rock climber and American Ninja to Olympic Lifters and Bodybuilders. This unit makes it easy to be seated while performing some of the most difficult exercises to perfect. No back strain; No shoulder strain; No leg strain. Finally a hand grip unit that is ideal for maximizing your forearm, wrist and finger strength.

    The TDS Hand Grip Machine was developed to provide users a comfortable body position while concentrating on finger, wrist and forearm exercises. No more leaning over and no more lower back strain. Five different attempts have perfected this machine to the point where functionality is where we want it. In addition, we found that exercise for your Lower Traps as well as Rhomboid muscles is very effective with this machine. Adjustments to the unit's range of motion as well as grip movement make it so it can be made to fit every individual - personally. Users who have tried this machine believe it to be the most effective exercise they have performed for their grip strength.

    Wrist & Finger Flex Overhand Grip

    Wrist & Finger Flex Side Grip

    Wrist & Finger Flex Reverse Grip

    Lower Trap Shrug

    Lower Trap Shrug