• Smooth Sealed Ball Bearing Pulleys
  • 2" X 2" Heavy Gauge Sq. Steel Tube Construction
  • Deluxe Stitched Seat
  • Non Slippery Heavy Duty End Caps
  • Heavy Duty Coated Cable
  • Adjustable Knee Holder
  • Designed for Standard Plates, Sleeves can be added for Olympic Plates
  • Size: 24.5" X 47" X 81-1/2"H - 85 lbs.

    H-8275-S-B  FAMILY LAT/ROW MC. - STD PLATES - $229.99 (Free Freight)
    H-8275-O  FAMILY LAT/ROW MC. - OLY. PLATES - $229.99     (Free Freight)

    Plates shown are for information only. Will cost Extra.
    The Lat Machine (H-8275-OS) is shown with 360 lb Olympic plates loaded.
    Assembly Instructions

    Click the picture to see details
  • Angled Extra Wide Deck Plates 8" wide X 12" High
  • 4" Wide plate on floor
  • 10" Stretches from Machine for Comfortable Pull
  • Size: 24"W X 16.5" D X 10.75" H - Weighs 20 lbs

  • H-92563FR2-XL   XL FOOT REST Attachment for Power Racks & Lat Machines  made with 2" sq. tube - $69.95

    0010A-Solid Std. Triceps Curl Bar

    V Hook & Triceps Curl Bar

    V Triceps Bar-Cr. Plated

    #19-Tricep & Low 

    Double Rowing Handle #17

    Parallel Multi Use Handle

    Why purchase a (H-8275) Family lat/row machine? All-you-need to know! Variety in Exercise is essential for continued and renewed interest in what you are doing. It’s obvious that it can get boring using the same piece of equipment all the time or having an injury dictate a need for change. Perhaps it’s time to try something new! Why not select one of New York Barbells’ most exciting products: A Family Lat/Row machine that can be used for a plethora of exercises.
    Just think: A single machine that can be used to exercise most of your major muscle groups and helps to strengthen your muscles while increasing flexibility. This alone can reduce your risks for many injuries from movements like lifting, pushing, pulling and twisting.
    Yes, you heard it right, New York Barbells offers a high quality (H-8275) Family lat/row machine that is effective, safe and easy to workout with. You set your workload then exercise as hard as you want. It’s all in your control. And it’s reasonably priced.
    It has been proven that exercises like Lat Pulldowns and Rowing are very effective to the upper body (e.g. back, shoulders, arms) and even your legs. These are only two on the list of possible exercises on New York Barbells’ Family Lat/Row machine. Other exercises include the likes of Upright Rows, Shoulder Shrugs, various types of Bicep Curls and Tricep Extensions, and a host of Core exercises. All of this together with heart-pumping cardio effects.

    Benefits of the H-8275 Family Lat/Row machine:
    • Easy to use – This Family Lat/Row machine has been around for a long time. At first this machine was used for training athletes then as this unit proved itself, non-athletes were finding benefits from using it as well. It is easy to adjust the knee pads to fit you properly, to change bars quickly and to increase or decrease your workload. Less work to setup the machine means that you have more energy to perform your exercises.
    • Works on the whole body- Whether you are performing Lat Pulldowns or Rows with the Family Lat/Row machine, you will feel many upper body muscles working and when you perform the Rowing motion, will also feel your lower body muscles come into play. Having access to both a high-pulley and a low-pulley allows you to perform a large number of exercises that affect your body from head to toe.
    • Effective calorie burner- Research shows that resistance training continues to burn calories for up to 30 minutes after the workout, depending on training intensity. Compared with cardio exercise, the increase in muscle tissue and tension (tone) resulting from resistance training produces an elevated metabolism 24 hours/day, no matter what you are doing. And the larger the muscle group used, the higher the number of calories expended. This is why exercises like Lat Pulldowns and Rowing can burn a significant number of calories in any given workout. This can possibly result in burning in excess of 300 calories in an hour.
    Quality equipment at affordable prices- New York Barbells’ Family Lat/Row machine has been selling for over three decades. Although other companies make similar machines, many health and fitness enthusiasts and professionals alike have chosen this machine over the competition. New York Barbells has the best prices along with the highest quality
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